Will our guests dance?

YES! We have ways of encouraging them to get involved and can guarantee a large number of your guests will participate in at least one dance. It helps of course if they have been forewarned to expect to participate!

Ceilidh in a traditional wedding dress?

We want you to really enjoy the dancing with your guests. Traditional dresses are a challenge: yes, they say they’ll put a hook on so you can dance but 99% of the time they fail to meet expectations! So, please, please, please think of an alternative strategy. Either, perhaps consider changing your outfit for the Ceilidh, or find a more secure means of ‘strapping up’ the dress so you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

How much dancing should we have?

It really depends on what role you envisage the Ceilidh playing in your celebrations. For a typical setup, we recommend two 60 minute sets with a break between of 30 to 45 minutes, the latter if you are providing a buffet. Sometimes, it takes a while to get the dancing going, so a 60 minute session might only equate to 35-45 minutes of actual dancing, especially if the day is running a tad behind.

The dances we use

This really depends on your theme, and circumstances on the night. We have special wedding dances designed to bring the day to a theatrical climax. If you have other ideas, tell us what you have in mind and we’ll design a dance set and music to suit.

Ideas for your 1st dance

Here are some thoughts:

  1. You dance to your special song
  2. You and your guests dance together
  3. You and your entourage do a set dance
  4. You and your partner do a set dance

In the 1st option, we leave you to your own dance (and DJ). If you so wish, we can bluetooth your song through our PA system.

The 2nd is the simplest: we invite all your guests to join you in either a Circassian (circle) or Galopede (longways) type dance, with no focus on the couple.

With options 3 and 4, it may be possible for our caller to meet up with you about 30 mins before the Ceilidh and teach you (and your entourage) a simple but impressive show dance to perform in front of your guests. You can see a (very brief) example at the end of Deb & Sean’s wedding video.

Capturing the moment!

We promise that you will get some amazing action shots for your wedding album; we will work with your photographer/ videographer to ensure this happens. To achieve this end, we do recommend you book them for the entire ceilidh event, so that every magical moment is captured.